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Ultra Remote Control Golf Trolley

The ProTrolley Remote Ultra electric golf trolley incorporates a fully featured handset to allow full control of the golf trolley from a distance approaching 100M. This superbly engineered trolley combines the latest lightweight and super strength materials but with two 180 watt motors. The trolley is built with reliability in mind, with the ultra strong oval frame providing a very strong base for a quality electric golf trolley. It is very stable, easy to manoeuvre and folds in a no-fuss quick lock movement, allowing it to fit into the smallest of car boots.

Key Features of Ultra Remote Golf Trolley

Full remote control

Pneumatic Wheel

USB Charging port

Fixed Battery connector

Golf Trolley Battery Requirement

The battery that is supplied with the ultra remote electric golf trolley 33 is of the highest quality supplied by leoch, it comes with a 1 yr warranty on the battery and charger. The battery is fully sealed, safe and accepted on airlines. This size of battery should be suitable for 27holes on most course but please seek our advice if you wish to use it for more than this.

This golf trolley has all of the features in front of the user, no multi presses of buttons to achieve a function. The range of features includes, cruise control, 0-9 speed adjustment and a distance control function. For us at ProTrolley, the reliability of your trolley is of the utmost importance, we have engineered this trolley from the component parts upwards to bring you a golf trolley that will meet your expectations.

With its superb construction and modern design, the new Ultra golf trolley boasts sturdy aluminium alloy frame, with an oval shaped section for extra stability, the handle has been designed for both left and right-handed golfers.

The new battery tray is now a sleek ABS moulding and accommodates all currently available batteries. The batteries plug straight into the connector fixed into the tray, there are no flying leads to find and wrestle with.

The Ultra remote electric golf trolley comes standard with Pneumatic sports wheels, which are easily removable. The trolley is enabled to accept hedgehog winter wheels, which are easily changeable from the wheels originally supplied. (The wheels can be purchased from us directly as an accessory)

The Ultra remote electric golf trolley is available in a number of models: no battery,20Ah, 26Ah, 33Ah and Lithium batteries. Whether you are a serious or occasional golfer, the golf trolley has been designed and engineered to suit your game and your pocket.